ADVOLAT North America Field Test

When people here the words "field test", many different things come to mind for many different people. 

For us at ADVOLAT North America this means placing our watches in high intensity career fields and putting them through stress and documenting the results. These currently include Law Enforcement, Military, Exotic Car Mechanics, and others. We document the results along the way, along with the notes from the testers on accuracy, sturdiness, and overall feel. 

Greg, a Patrolman First Class, commented on the FLIEGER GMT he has been wearing for many months, "It has become a tool, its easy to read and has been through many pursuits. It's still accurate and can handle a beating."

Addison, an exotic car mechanic, wears his ADVOLAT BAUHAUS 2 Classic everyday, his comments included that the timepiece "...looks great and is accurate, especially when I am needing to count seconds while working on Maserati's."

Mitchell, a member of the United States Army, loves his BAUHAUS 2 Chronograph. His comments included, "It's a great watch that fits in regulation, and looks awesome. It has handled a lot of abuse while I've been out in the field. But it keeps on ticking and I get a lot of compliments on it."

We will continue to keep documenting along the way, and posting updates whether they be positive or negative.