ADVOLAT Straps- Something for Everyone

Sometimes the strap of the watch is the most noticed component of a watch. ADVOLAT utilizes a variety of materials to construct our straps, and the ability to interchange straps allows you to tailor your watch to match your mood or style at that given moment. 

Our leather straps are sourced from Europe and are built to withstand the test of time, with thick and supple layers of high quality leather. These straps are ready for your adventure. 

Our Milanaise straps utilize a fine mesh steel weave along with a magnetic clasp. This allows for the strap to be infinitely adjustable while staying very secure on your wrist. All Milanaise equipped variants utilize an AMS ( ADVOLAT Magnetic Shield ), so that the movement stays accurate and is protected from the rays. 

Our Stainless Steel Bracelets have a classic look, and are constructed to the same quality as the rest of our timepieces. Utilizing high quality materials, and being able to adjust via removing links, allows for the the bracelet to be adjusted to fit your size. 

Explore our variants and feel free to ask us about any additional straps for your model!

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