What does our Mantra mean?

Our Mantra is simple: Strictly Limited, Individually Numbered, Always Sapphire

Strictly Limited means when you purchase an ADVOLAT time piece, once that run is completed it will never be reproduced ever again. So you can rest assured you made a great decision purchasing when you did, so that you can be ensured you have a timepiece that represents yourself and an accessory to join you on your journey. 

Individually Numbered means each timepiece is engraved with its numeric in the sequence, and once that sequence is fulfilled, rest assured it will never be reproduced. Accompanying your timepiece is a certificate of Authenticity which outlines the warranty terms & conditions, along with validating its sequential numbering. 

Always Sapphire means that the Lens covering the dial of every one of our timepieces is made of Sapphire Crystal. This mineral is a 9 out of 10 on the MOHS hardness scaled, coming very close to the hardness of white diamond. Utilizing this material means that we want our timepieces to be used in every aspect of your life. Whether that is work, play or anything in between, utilizing materials that are able to handle anything you throw at it. 

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