What Happens When I Place a Order?

Since we at Advolat North America, are fairly recently being introduced into the North American market. We wanted to provide some transparency to your order process from start to finish. All of our timepieces are individually numbered and are limited runs, meaning once the run is completed, it will never be repeated. 

Once you place your order on our internet storefront, we receive your order. At that point we verify the order isn't a fraud order, rest assured we take data privacy very seriously. 

At that point, your watch is finalized in our Basel, Switzerland studio and imported to our point of distribution here in the United States (due to customs, processing delays are infrequent but could happen), we verify the order is complete, and then your timepieces is shipped off to you, insured and in our signature box. As always, the certificate of authenticity verifying its numeric sequence in the run, and an explanation of the warranty is included on the card. 

If at any point during the process, you have any questions or concerns. Please reach out to us via whatever mode of communication is most convenient for you. Whether that be by email, store chat or social media, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!

-ADVOLAT North America Team


Strictly Limited

Once the run is completed it will never be reproduced ensuring exclusivity!

Built to Spec

Your ADVOLAT is built to spec, ensuring that it is tailored to your wants and needs!

Free Insured Shipping

Shipped free and insured within the US and Canada. Worldwide Shipping Available!

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