Why you should trust ADVOLAT for functional timekeeping needs.

With high quality components, precision engineering, and always sapphire crystal, we at ADVOLAT do not allow our customers to sacrifice quality for price. Our timepieces are stress tested in some of the most high intensity career fields, and have proven to be robust in the line of duty, in the field or even at home. 

No matter where your journey takes you, ADVOLAT would love to accompany you on that adventure with a quality time piece on your wrist. 

Military members, first responders, and other highly skilled fields have recently been tasked with field testing our watches in a stress test. Currently the results can speak for themselves. No reported issues while on duty with a North Central Indiana Police Officer who has been involved in many high stress situations during the duration so far.

Our Active Duty Army Solider wears his BAUHAUS 2 Chrono everywhere he goes, and has been impressed with the quality and ruggedness of the watch. It has accompanied him in his Armored Personnel Carrier rides, and in the field and hasn't missed a beat. 

One of our customers wears his FLIEGER 6 while on the assembly line in a large truck facility. Where time is tracked by the second on each process, having a clear and legible time piece on his wrist gives him a clearer picture on his efficiency. From the assembly line, to the boat on a lake, and to a night out on the town, he loves the versatility of the FLIEGER 6 and it always garners attention everywhere he goes. 

These field tests will be a continuous process, and we will continue to update with results along the way, whether they are good or bad. Transparency is critical in a test, and if our products don't perform, we will go back to the drawing board and do better!