Genuine Swiss Made Watches


Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. We are a genuine Swiss company making genuine Swiss watches. 

The Swiss watch is the standard of the world in watchmaking. Nothing beats the quality and care that goes into a Swiss watch. A Swiss made watch isn't just nine letters tagged on a product. It has to meet certain standards set forth by the Swiss government. 

Definition of a Swiss Watch

A watch may be considered a Swiss watch if:
a. it's movement is Swiss;
b. its movement has been encased in Switzerland;
c. final inspection by the manufacturer took place in Switzerland
d. at least 60% of the manufacturing costs are generated in Switzerland

(source: Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry website)

60% Rule for Swiss Made Watches

To be marked Swiss made, a watch has to meet the requirement of minimum 60% of Swiss value.

Previous requirements, such as the incorporation of a Swiss movement, casing-up and final inspection in Switzerland, remain in place. However, the definition of the Swiss movement adopts a minimum rate of Swiss value of 60% (as opposed to the previous 50%).

New criteria are added to the calculation of Swiss value, such as research and development and certification costs.

The new Swiss made ordinance entered into force on January 1st, 2017.

(source: Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry website)

ADVOLAT uses Genuine Ronda Movement's in our Swiss Made Watches. 

We do offer some of our product line with Japanese movements and they are clearly marked in the product description.