A 21st Century Swiss Watchmaker

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Introducing ADVOLAT North America

Since opening their Basel, Switzerland workshop in 2011, ADVOLAT has enjoyed a growing reputation for their uncompromising focus on quality and a minimalist design approach.

Formed in the Internet age, the company's founder Dr. Wolf Franke saw an opportunity to combine Swiss watchmaking tradition with a modern business model that bypasses the usual chain of middle men in the watch industry.

For the customer, this means luxury watches made with the best materials - available at a very reasonable price point.

All watch models are limited edition runs of either 888 or 8888 pieces. When a model sells out it, will never be reproduced. This makes owning an ADVOLAT timepiece a unique and personal experience. 

ADVOLAT North America was founded in a partnership between Ulrich Wahl Holdings and ADVOLAT to bring their watches to the North American market.

What's inside an ADVOLAT? 

Sapphire Crystals
Sapphire crystals is the invisible difference between a premium watch and its regular counterpart. It offers a glass surface with absolute clarity. 100% fog free on the inside - and virtually non scratch able on the outside.

316L Marine Grade Steel

All watch cases are made from 316L 'marine grade' stainless steel, the same grade used for yacht fittings. 316L steel doesn't contain any molybdenum, which makes it a frequently used material for ultra sensitive purposes. 316L steel is even approved for applications inside the human body!

'Best in class' Movements

The movement is the heart and soul of any watch. ADVOLAT watches feature a variety of quality movements for every taste. From high precision Swiss Made Chronographs to old school Japanese Made Automatics. Whether you prefer absolute accuracy, or the charm of a mechanical movement, you'll find what you're looking for in our collection.

Premium European Leather Straps

ADVOLAT sources the finest calf leather from Italy and Spain. This material lays the foundation for straps that are 'thick' and rich - and age very gracefully. Some of the sports models also offer a high quality natural rubber strap as an alternative to leather.