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"Nothing in life is constant. Let's build a watch to pass down the generations.
A good watch that never goes out of style.
Only then will our watches be stronger than time."
- Mark, Advolat Watches North America CEO

"Stronger Than Time" is our motto and brand statement. We like the idea that some objects can be designed to break the rules.That will last for the ages and be passed from father to son over and over again.

A Swiss Made watch does exactly that. It’s an object of permanence in an impermanent world. It transcends the time it measures. The world standard in watchmaking. 

ADVOLAT North America was founded on the idea of bringing unique watches to people who expect a little more from life. Watches that are timeless and endless. Designed to never go out of style - and engineered to never run out of time.

We've partnered with Basel based manufacturer ADVOLAT to create our first "ADVOLAT North America" collection, consisting of premium Swiss watches specifically purposed for the American market.

Our exclusive partnership with ADVOLAT, combined with our online-only business model, allows us to offer premium quality products for the first time to the North American marketplace.

We're based in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. A suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. A city rich in German and Swiss culture. Advolat Watches was founded in 2011 while the North American distributorship was established in 2016. Our products are manufactured in Baze, Switzerland.

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"Advolat, a highly affordable and great quality Swiss watch brand...We were so in love we had to get one for ourselves."

We are proud to have earned the Editor's Pick. 

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