What is Swiss Made?

What exactly does SWISS MADE mean for watches?

The rules of the Association of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) have been in effect since 1971 and define exactly when a watch may bear the words SWISS MADE on its dial and case back. These criteria were revised again in 2013 according to new, even stricter Swissness rules, stated as follows:

  • The movement must have been made in Switzerland (as before), "Swiss Parts" is not enough, it must be genuinely Swiss Made.
  • The technical development with CAD in 2D and 3D, a CAD-based 3D model, the assembly and also quality assurance and all tests must take place in Switzerland (new in this form).
  • Over 60% of the value of a watch must have been created in Switzerland (much stricter Swissness rule).

The costs of research, development, and assembling the watch may also be included in the percentage, but costs for raw materials, packaging and transport are not. Given all of this, it is not surprising that SWISS MADE watches enjoy great popularity with collectors and are valued as an investment. It is good to know that ADVOLAT watches are always manufactured in strictly limited editions worldwide.

The Basel-based manufacturer of Swiss watches ADVOLAT Schweiz GmbH has been a member of the Association of the Swiss Watch Industry FH since 2019.

Where does the indication SWISS MADE come from?

Three languages ​​are officially spoken in Switzerland, but English is not included. It would actually be much more logical if Swiss watches were dubbed “Fabriqué en Suisse” or “Hergestellt in der Schweiz”. And in English, it would actually be "Made in Switzerland". But such wording would be quite long for being printed on a watch dial or engraved on the watch case back. The short, catchy “SWISS MADE” simply fits better.

SWISS MADE automatic chronograph

Our FLIEGER 7750 collector's edition, limited to eight watches per reference, is only available to a few watch collectors and costs 4,990 euros. Few Swiss watch manufacturers are able to offer such a small edition of a high quality mechanical chronograph at this price. The movement was modified by ADVOLAT and shows the date and the day of week at the four o'clock position instead of the usual position at three o'clock. The legendary precision and reliability of the ETA Valjoux 7750 caliber stands for Swiss precision and watch making tradition. All chronographs are assembled by hand and meticulously tested by experienced Swiss watch makers.

SWISS MADE Quartz Chronograph

The gold-plated Swiss Made Chronograph Calibers produced by RONDA in the Swiss town of Lausen are outmost precise and reliable. They are the heart of our Swiss Made FLIEGER 8 and BAUHAUS 2 chronographs. These Swiss Made watch movements also help protect our environment, because they are completely repairable and last (nearly) forever. Equally renowned are the chronograph movements manufactured by the Swiss company ETA, which you can find in our VOYAGE and CAPITAINE Chronographs. ADVOLAT Swiss Made Chronographs start at only 450 Euros.