What is Swiss Made?

ADVOLAT is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. A locale known for its watchmaking tradition, and ADVOLAT has a great heritage of making exquisite timepieces. 

To understand more about the "Swiss Made" designation and why some of our timepieces show it and others do not. 

Swiss Made for watches is defined by Swiss law and controlled by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH

In a nutshell, Swiss Made watches must be designed ("technical design"), manufactured and quality assured in Switzerland, using Swiss Made movements and having a Swiss local content between 60% and 100%.

ADVOLAT is a Member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH

Swiss Made watches made by ADVOLAT show "Swiss Made" on the dial, case back and in the product descriptions.

Please note that ADVOLAT also sells watches using quality movements of non Swiss origin. These watches do not carry the "Swiss Made" label on dial, caseback, in the product description or elsewhere. These watches have a final assembly point of Basel, Switzerland, but in order to comply with the federation and maintain this status we want to maintain transparency with our assembly process and adhere to all proper regulations by the Swiss Government. 


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