At ADVOLAT North America, we are about building a community and sharing experiences. And we’re all about being stylish while doing it. Most people think luxury watches are for only the very wealthy, but we’re changing that. With our limited-edition functional watches, you can be part of an exclusive group, too.

ADVOLAT North America offers high-quality timepieces that are ready for duty. Military members and first responders field-tested these watches and put them through high-stress situations. They proved that ADVOLAT watches can handle anything that’s thrown at them.
Our watches use only the most top-notch components and are designed with longevity in mind. As a business, our mission is to provide a quality product for a reasonable price, backing it up with a customer service experience that is second to none.

History of ADVOLAT

Our workshop opened in Basel, Switzerland in 2011. Since then, ADVOLAT has enjoyed a growing reputation for an uncompromising focus on quality. We provide a line of timepieces that are Strictly Limited, Individually Numbered, and Always Sapphire.

The founder of ADVOLAT Schweiz, Dr. Wolf Franke, saw an opportunity to combine Swiss watchmaking tradition with a modern business model. He sought to provide a hand-assembled, well-made, and field-tested watch at a moderate price point.

ADVOLAT North America was born out of a partnership between Ulrich Wahl Holdings LLC—a veteran-owned business—and ADVOLAT Schweiz to bring ADVOLAT watches to the North American market.

What Sets Us Apart

The ADVOLAT watch studio is based in Basel, Switzerland, and all of our timepieces ship to North America from there. ADVOLAT has a time-honored tradition of making quality, robust watches.

All watch models are limited-edition runs of primarily 888 or 8,888 pieces. When a model sells out, we will never reproduce it. This makes owning an ADVOLAT timepiece a unique and personal experience.

ADVOLAT is a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH, which accepts only watch manufacturers that adhere to the strict standards in place by Swiss law.

All ADVOLAT timepieces come with a 36-month international warranty that covers your watch no matter where in the world you are. We will work to make sure that your timepiece provides you with the best experience, and we stand behind our offerings! Each Certificate of Authenticity lists the terms of this warranty.

Our philanthropic efforts focus on the veteran and first responder communities. With every watch sale, we donate $10 to Headstrong. This organization is dedicated to healing the hidden wounds of war. They are committed to veteran mental-health care, and we are proud to support their mission. Consider donating to their cause even if you do not purchase a timepiece from us.

Explore our watches, ask us questions, and know that we are here to bring you a timekeeping experience like no other—one that is meant to be cherished and shared. So tag us on Instagram when you’re wearing your newest timepiece and follow us on Facebook to keep up with limited-edition releases. Explore and go on adventures with a stunning timepiece right by your side!

Strictly Limited

Once the run is completed it will never be reproduced ensuring exclusivity!

Built to Spec

Your ADVOLAT is built to spec, ensuring that it is tailored to your wants and needs!

Free Insured Shipping

Shipped free and insured within the US and Canada. Worldwide Shipping Available!

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