Why should I spend my money on an ADVOLAT timepiece?

This is a question we get quite often and the answer is as follows:
Dr. Wolf Franke's mantra for ADVOLAT as a brand is straight forward, "Strictly Limited, Individually Numbered, Always Sapphire". 
This means every timepiece is a limited run and once completed will never be reproduced. Every timepiece is engraved with the sequential numeric in that run and arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity for your time piece. Every ADVOLAT timepiece uses a Sapphire Crystal over the dial which is rated almost as hard as a White Diamond on the Mohs scale of harness.

When you buy an ADVOLAT timepiece, you are buying a stylish, extremely well made timepiece. Our timepieces are designed to last, with quality components, the ability to switch bands to fit your mood or event. We can even tailor band choices during your shopping experience, Contact Us and let us personalize your ADVOLAT experience. 


ADVOLAT is a microbrand watch studio based in Basel, Switzerland, all of our timepieces ship to North America from the Basel workshop.

ADVOLAT is a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH, which only accepts watch manufacturers that adhere to the strict standards in place by Swiss law. For more information please click below on what the Federation requires to be accepted in, and for more details. 


We at ADVOLAT North America are about building a community, sharing experiences, and being stylish while doing it. We know most people think of luxury watches as something only for the very wealthy, but we are here to change that mind set. We are here to help you with any questions or concerns, we believe in this product and is why we have brought ADVOLAT to the North American market.

ADVOLAT North America is a veteran owned business who prides ourselves in offering high quality timepieces that have been field tested by various military members along with first responders. Our watches use only the highest of quality components and are designed with longevity in mind. Our mission in business is providing a quality product, for a reasonable price and backing it up with a customer service experience that is second to none. Our philanthropic efforts focus on the veteran/first responder communities. 

Explore our models, ask us questions, we are here to bring a time keeping experience like no other, one that was meant to be cherished and shared. Lets explore, go on an adventure and have a stunning timepiece designed to keep up right by your side!

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Strictly Limited

Our models will never be duplicated once the limited editionrun has been completed.

Built to Spec

Your watch is always built to spec once ordered. This personalizes your ADVOLAT experience. 

Free Shipping

Your timepiece is always shipped with insurance for free in North America. 

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